Walmart Exclusive Rampage Super Stretch George Lizzy and Ralph


I fell for it once again! I saw these… and I just had to have them! They are around 9 bucks a piece at Exclusive at Wal-Mart crazy to see Walmart getting into the retro gaming exclusive stuff… they are doing a darn good job at it and hope they continue… well in a way i hope they don’t i’m running out of money! Please Subscribe to this channel! I need 1000 subs to survive!  click here

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Arcade Classics Walmart Exclusive mini arcade machines

arcade-classics-mini-arcade-collection-walmart-onlyIf you are hunting for these Arcade Classics they are only exclusive to Walmart.  There are similar ones like it but I find this collection is really fun to collect.   They are also very playable too.  Not like in the arcades back in the 80s but for a small little novelty hand held they play very well!  (video game play coming soon)   If you go to the store to look for these… don’t go to the electronic or video game section of Walmart … go to the TOY SECTION.  I found these near the Pokemon cards and collectibles.     I bought one of each at the time with more titles on the way.  So follow this blog and my youtube channel with the video below.   Buy Online and support this site by clicking here


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