Want Vectrex… but does it have a hockey game?

Yes… there is a hockey game for the Vectrex…  it is called V-Hockey (short for Vectrex Hockey i guess)  it is a home brew made in 2006 by a company called Revival Studios (http://www.revival-studios.com/vectrex.php

Check out there website because V-Hockey isn’t the only game they’ve made.

From the screen shot above… the game plays just liked the old Atari Hat Trick game…  Which is a very fun hockey game for it’s day.  check out the video below of the presentation of the V-Hockey and game play… the video isn’t the best quality but when did that stop any of us from watching bad videos before…

Also if you are ever wondering the history behind the Vectrex… then definitely check out this video below…  This guy is spot on with his analysis, history and review of this lost gem of a video gaming system!

This system has been on my Radar for quite sometime… i haven’t sprung for it due to the fact that it is very expensive and old…  most have been kicked around and not kept in the best conditions either… so the last thing I want to do is spend 500 bucks on something that isn’t working… some day I will have you and enjoy this hockey game to my hockey video game collection!

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