Mario Kart 8 for Wii U unboxing video

Check out my newest quick video on the Wii U pick up… I unbox Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U… I believe this is their best selling game to date and will be a system sell for them… Hopefully it will get Nintendo back on track to making some great games…  Make an HD remake of Donkey Kong 2 please!?!?   and some Hockey games too!   Mario Hockey?     Watch the video below

Extended Play Arcade


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YO JOE! amazon video game pick up unboxing

Had some amazon points or amazon reward points and wanted to spend them on me for once…   I picked up a DVD and a Video game…   I only unbox the video game because i mentioned the DVD already on facebook… so if you want to be in the loop join our facebook page..   Watch the video below


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John Pompa pick up and more… See video

Found the secret to success in making youtube videos… I just needed to title them “John Pompa” in everyone one and I’ll get over 500 views instantly!  I also gave a shout to Gamester81and his new game coming out for Colecovision (i ordered btw so I’ll unbox that one for ya) and The NES Club – a Video Game Documentary along with Mason Cramer and Matt Miller… All these names are now gold for me and my video game youtube channel muuuuahhahhaha muuuhahhahahha

Also over at the Retro Junkies page… Erik Purscell  wrote: “I love it when you call me John Pompa! Throw your hands in the air if you have a retro lair:)”

It if funny every time i say John Pompa’s name I think of Big Poppa song… So funny to see I am not the only one… might have to some how make that into a segment… watch video below


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i64x pick up video Dreamcast games and one Sega Master System Game


Jason from i64x was kind enough to send some of his over flow my way.. I am so stoked to get the games… I am a huge hockey fan and this will help complete my goal to get every hockey video game ever made!

Thanks Jason!

Brent like us –>

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