Doomed from the start? Doom 3 BFG Announcement Trailer

Well we all know what BFG from the Original Classic Doom stands for but Doom 3 BFG might as well stand for BFD (big f-ing deal).  Time and Time again Video games are coming back from the “so called” dead and being recycled and reused to bring back some gamers of yester-years.  Is it working?  Ummm I don’t know.  Those gamers seem to have moved onto either ipad touch games or taking care of their children, mortgage, jobs, etc.  There seems to be a lull in video games right now.  So much still to play but kind of all the same old same old.  I mean if someone wanted to play Doom couldn’t they just play the original one?  I know people that still are playing it.  I must say for the time I enjoyed the first Doom.  I didn’t playing it on PC but I played it on the Sega Genesis 32x.  It worked out to be pretty fun and still gave me enough motion sickness to leave me dizzy for weeks.  Well with all that being said the Trailer for this game looks pretty damn good.  They should try and release it around Halloween or something seeing this game has more of a horror factor to it than the original one.   Will this be one your pick up?  Comment below and let me know your thoughts.  I would wait till this one hit the bargain bin IMO.

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Another video game to ruin my life! Black Ops 2!

Well the Trailer for Black Ops 2 (see below) has been released.  This version of Call of Duty is made by Treyarch.  Treyarch is the makers of the first Call of Duty Black Ops.  Which to most was the best of all the Call of Duty games (not all i said “to most”).   I know a lot of people would say Modern Warfare by Infinity Ward was the best game but it is all subjective.  I am a huge fan of both and I am not here to start a “fan boy” war.   I have to add though Treyarch is the maker of Call of Duty World at War and that might be where the Call of Duty games really picked up their steam in popularity to the masses!

The only issue I have with these games is….

I get so damn obsessed to the point it ruins my life.  Being a Father there comes a time in life when I need to stop playing these games and take care of the family and my health, exercising and taking kratom capsules.  I hope I don’t look back on my life and think to myself “Wow I wasted all that time on those games and now my kids are grown  up and out of the house =( ”   I also know I am not the only one out there that feels this way.  I have been playing the multiplayer for the last few games so much I don’t even know one ounce of the campaign mode.  Another thing I know I am not alone on.  Everyone is so eager to level up that I know friends that have taken a week off of work when the game has come out.   The release date of this game is getting almost as popular as Christmas!

Well with all that being said. I know I will be pre-ordering this game from here and will just wait.  I am not a big person on camping out that night then playing it to all day to level up.   Anyways check out the trailer below.  I felt special seeing I was the 99th view to see this =)  I am sure this video will see 30 million views in a month.  Comment as you see fit!

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