COD Ghosts… what is old is new again!

Ok, before you judge… the game came out in Nov 2013…  So that counts as a forgotten game right?  lol  just kidding… I do enjoy this series of games but lost interest when you kept just getting the same thing over and over… Plus 60 bucks might not seem like a lot but with my limited amount of time to play videos games due to my little family of mine… I just made the choice to give up on the series…. but got a coupon and it was on sale GameFly so for 10 bucks including shipping I had to give it a try… Plus my coupon was about to expire… played it last night for an hour and ranked up to 6 already… ‘kid still got it” and yes I enjoyed it very much so… even though my weapons are horrible to start with…

I know TitanFall is the big behemoth that everyone is playing now… and the price goes up and down on a daily basis  and right now is 36 bucks with free shipping with prime…

And still lots of people playing… anyone here still playing?   LOL

Brent Dolan
Extended Play Arcade

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