Christmas video game pick up 2013…

Merry Christmas!  Or at least a Happy New year to ya all… I finally got around to making this video of my overly generous video game Christmas Pick ups!   Finally caved in on the Nintendo Wii U thanks to a great offer Toys R Us was running last minute with a 25 dollar gift card when you buy the deluxe version of the Wii U… I also had a 25 dollar coupon for Toys R Us as well… So 50 bucks to help push me over the limit and get the system for me and my little girls…  (totally worth it too we are loving it but more on that soon)

I also splurged this year and got the Family 2 count them 2 ipad airs… This was on recommendation from my friend Metal Jesus Rocks you can follow him on his channel  … He also told me that I could get 12 months financing and gave me a cool list of must have apps and games for it.. here

I also got a great surprise from my friend Dave… He gave me three systems out of the blue that he got from a friend… He said his kids don’t care about this old stuff and there where no games included so he knew I was a collector and tossed them my way… very cool… check the video below to see which 3 systems I got…  Remember collector tip 101… let everyone know you are a collector or gamer or anything… these it is a great time of year people are cleaning out old system… snatch them up any time you can!

Also picked up a few games for the Wii U… one being on recommendation from The NES Club’s Rob McCallum… The game was “Duck Tails” A Wii U…   Check out Rob’s film The NES Club Documentary on facebook and give them a like

And last but not least… Eric aka “fin the gamer” got me a surprised Christmas present… I was prepared for this at all and was totally out of the blue… It has been a game I been wanted to get but just couldn’t justify the cost of 50 plus bucks for it… He was in the Christmas Spirit and sent it my way… very very cool of him… visit his Channel at

So with all that being said check out the video below with all my explination and what not… also don’t forget to like us on and tell me what you got for the Holiday Season!  also follow Retro Junkies too! a page I am an Admin at!  lots of fun!

Extended Play Arcade

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i64x pick up video Dreamcast games and one Sega Master System Game


Jason from i64x was kind enough to send some of his over flow my way.. I am so stoked to get the games… I am a huge hockey fan and this will help complete my goal to get every hockey video game ever made!

Thanks Jason!

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