Happy Birthday Nintendo 64


Happy 20th Birthday to Nintendo 64 for their North America release on Sept. 26….  for more info on it’s history check out here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nintendo_64

If I had to pick on title which was the best and a game changers for the n64… it would be… be…?????

Goldeneye N64

Watch emulated video below from someone else other than this site.

Great stuff!  What is your favorite n64 game?

one more year and it will be of drinking age!

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Digital Press pick up and The NES Club interview

Well I headed to my local retro video game store… it is Digital Press videogames in Clifton, NJ…. great place… awesome staff… etc…

Well I met Rob McCallum, Matt Miller and Michelle Ireland…. for an interview for the Nes Club… It is a really could NES doc… must google and check it out… My pick ups aren’t that great and I didn’t score massive awesome prices but yet again I bought it retail… so some times ya just have to help the small guy out and support your local retro store!


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