Retro Pinball’s “King Of Diamonds” video game play by Nick at Arcade Hunters

What a concept huh?  A brand new 1967 pinball machine?  Say wtf?  Yes a company has been developed back in 2007 and they make brand new old pinball machines. I know it sounds like an oxymoron but it is true. The company is called Retro Pinball.  Their first attempt is at the 1967 classic King of Diamonds.  It is a reproduction of the classic Gotliebs pinball machine.

Nick @ takes us through a walk through and game play of this awesome replication of a 1967 classic.  Watch the video above.  Great job Nick with the a guest appearance from Tim aka Jumblejunkie from the OKS (operation kill screen) podcast.

Brent Dolan

Mini Star Wars Working Arcade machine! by Le Chuck @ BYOAC forums!

A Mad Genius! Le Chuck (he goes by in the BYOAC forums) has built a micro Star Wars. I been following this thread since Feb 2012 and watch this amazing job basically come to life over the last few months! His build is being featured on USA Today, Gizmodo and Engadget.  Great job we are so proud of you Le Chuck!   Le Chuck isn’t just a Mad Genius builder.  He shows respect to other fellow builders as well.  He ran a BYOAC awards for “best builds” in 2011.  Check out the thread here for more by Clicking Here

Look below to see the working Micro Star Wars machine.   Le Chuck just let us all know when George Lucas gives you a call and wants to order one!


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