How to take awesome photos of your Video Game Carts!

Photo Taken with Technic described in the Article

I have had a lot of people ask me.  “Brent where do you get your photos from?”.  I tell them I take them myself.  They say:  “but they look so professional”  and I say “thank you”.  Some even ask “what camera do you use” and I say “the one I have with me at the time”   Then they say “WTF?”

Yes, sometimes photos aren’t about the camera at all.  You can have the most mega pixels in the world but if you don’t know how to light your subject then what is really the sense? Don’t get me wrong, I check the ricoh theta s review all the time because I love knowing about the best cameras, but if I want to take a picture and I don’t have the professional camera with me I won’t freak out, I’d just use my phone.

Here is my rude set up below but it took this great “product” photo in the top photo of this post.  I will go into more detail below the photo on how to set this up.

Yes the lights are aimed at the ceiling to bounce the light down and give it a nice gradient soft light!

I do product photography for 1/4 of my full time job.  In my job I deal with a lot of goods that are packaged and have shiny, reflective surfaces to them.   I need to have photographs with no glare or anything on the product. I bounce the lights off the white ceiling and the light comes down nice and soft on the subject (which is a DK NES Cart illustrated above) and I use Seem-less paper (buy Seem-less paper here)  with a transition on it for the base and background.  I use a C-stand (buy c-stand here) to hold the paper up.  A cheap folding table (you probably have around the house) and two Florescent Soft box lights (buy lights here) The results come out great and I am only using an iphone 4s to take the photos too  I could use my other camera but I like to show people what you can do with proper indirect lighting.

I used the lights different than usual to get rid of the shadow. This makes the subject easy to cut out of the white background and give it no shadows at all. If I want to give it a little depth I move the left light more to the right or sometime just shut it off completely. Like other photos I have taken before see Facebook @

Hopefully this has help.  Follow us on facebook and ask any questions if need.

Brent Dolan


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