Retro Pinball’s “King Of Diamonds” video game play by Nick at Arcade Hunters

What a concept huh?  A brand new 1967 pinball machine?  Say wtf?  Yes a company has been developed back in 2007 and they make brand new old pinball machines. I know it sounds like an oxymoron but it is true. The company is called Retro Pinball.  Their first attempt is at the 1967 classic King of Diamonds.  It is a reproduction of the classic Gotliebs pinball machine.

Nick @ takes us through a walk through and game play of this awesome replication of a 1967 classic.  Watch the video above.  Great job Nick with the a guest appearance from Tim aka Jumblejunkie from the OKS (operation kill screen) podcast.

Brent Dolan

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