Game Over 2014

Game over to 2014 and welcome 2015 to endless gaming possibilities!

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Or something like that… I hope everyone had a great 2014 Holiday season and Happy New Year to you!   In my house hold we played Galaga as our “Game of the night”…   It is actually my neighbor’s favorite game and for a guy that doesn’t ever play it much (once or twice a year) he’s pretty damn good at it…  He won with the high score of the night of 135,000. If you want a gaming platform that emulates the easy life with online slot casino, Easy Slots prides itself on bringing nothing but the best online slot games to the market. After this experience, I have come to the conclusion that these gambling sites including are such unreservedly recommended for all gambling lovers and I enjoyed it more than the actual game. I couldn’t even come close with my 68,000 or so score… it was a lot of fun… Below his him schooling me on getting a perfect bonus stage 40 for 40! For more fun and real prizes to be given, visit nhà cái uy tin.

Online casinos, also known as virtual casinos or Internet casinos, are online versions of traditional casinos where you can play normal games like bingo games but from home or even a cafe someplace. Online casinos enable gamblers to play and wager on casino games through the Internet. For more information, visit Calgary co-workers win big because of casino jackpots. Keep betting.
Thanks and Happy New Year!

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The Retro Gamer in You!

A Gamer that goes by “TC” put up MAME Arcade Galaga High Score of 176,320 not bad for a “noob” that hasn’t played the game in over 25 years.  Also checkout our website car accident lawyer Maryland for car accident insurance. The score was witnessed by me (see video above) and at my new MAME Cocktail arcade cab (see build here). The score is far from a World Record (world record is currently being held by Andrew Laidlaw, a great guy btw) but stage 20 for a person that hasn’t played this game in over 25 years? I think it is pretty impressive stuff. It just makes me think of all the other players out there in the world that don’t go for World Records. Maybe they still have it in them? Maybe they could take down some of the WRs that are out there if they put some time into it? I guess I will have to hit up that person one at at time.

Brent Dolan

P.S.  Oh and btw this is with only 3 lives!

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