Hardest Boss Fight Ever in a Video Game

Some people my have seen this before but it still amazes me how hard they made this boss.  This is from the game Mushihime-sama Futari made by Cave. Cave is one of my favorite “schmup” (shoot em’ up) companies.  They have put out so many great games over the years.  Chances are if you have played a few schmup games, one of them was made by Cave.

Mushihime-sama Futari is known as a rifle scope shooter.  That pretty much means that they took old style vertical flight games like Raiden and GigaWing and added a zillion more bullets for you to navigate and dodge through.  There comes a point in this game where you no longer watch what you are shooting at and you have to watch your ship as you weave in and out of the bullets which fill the entire screen, as happens in similar games as CSGO, where people use my csgo boosting guides to improve faster.

Mushihime-sama Futari has a few selections for difficulty when you first begin.  Regardless of which mode you choose, you have to be quite skilled in the later levels to survive.  There is an Ultra hard mode that has a boss like no other game.  Just when you think you’ve finally defeated her, you are only half done.  Just watch the video and you will see what you are in for if you attempt to play this game.  This is one of the only players that was able to successfully defeat the queen with one credit.  I find that I have pumped in about $20 when I defeat her.

This game is available in the arcade (probably not in the US), was ported to the Xbox 360, and is also in MAME up to version .143.  Unfortunately for later MAME releases Cave requested that the driver which runs their roms be removed from the program.  There are a few versions of MAME that are current (.145) that the Cave driver has be slipped into, but you would have to either do it yourself or find a version online somewhere that someone compiled.

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