Colecovision pick video game pick up and more…

I was in some desperate need of some Digital Press video game goodness therapy.  I heading to the store after a really $h1ty week of work…  As soon as you walk in the door you feel like you are on a cloud of video game goodness!    I have a ritual about the place… I always start at the loose NES carts and work my way around the store…   But that day I decided I needed to motivate myself to get my colecovision working…    So I picked up a few carts… see video game pick up below.

Check out the video below

I posted this video and in this video I explain the delima I have with my colecovison… he offered me some knowledge about cleaning the power switch with this cleaner before I tear the whole thing apart..   (cleaner link below)    I have yet to try it but will be trying some sort of electrical cleaner and will report back and let ya know if this is a quick and easy fix!

I was thinking of trying this cleaner first due to the fact I have it… I hope it works… it is what the cleaner is made for and never thought of it before.

Follow the forum post right here… where I’ll be posting more and more of my colecovision adventures and pick ups!


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Digital Press pick up and The NES Club interview

Well I headed to my local retro video game store… it is Digital Press videogames in Clifton, NJ…. great place… awesome staff… etc…

Well I met Rob McCallum, Matt Miller and Michelle Ireland…. for an interview for the Nes Club… It is a really could NES doc… must google and check it out… My pick ups aren’t that great and I didn’t score massive awesome prices but yet again I bought it retail… so some times ya just have to help the small guy out and support your local retro store!


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