did I just pass up on a great deal???


I went to Digital press Videogames this last week.  I go there every 8 weeks (like clockwork) and they had a Turbo Grafx 16… they never have one of these… it was $299.95… I knew it was a good deal but with Christmas and all I couldn’t spring for it.  I passed on it… I picked up these two NES games instead… see video below or past post…

So did I mess up?  If I can calculate my Christmas expense and this item is still there… i might have to spring for it.


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Atari Ice Hockey video game meme


My 8 week pick up from @ Digital Press Videogames…  I just love that store.  The staff is awesome and super knowledgeable.   Digital Press video games is located in Clifton, NJ.    I stop there ever 8 weeks… and it really is a treat.     I picked up this CIB (complete in box)  Activision Ice Hockey for the Atari 2600.   I just loved this game as a kid…  I didn’t own an Atari (now I own two different models) but my good friend did.  We played this one a lot.   The colors and graphics blew our minds!   You can even trip the person. Endless amounts of fun.  I started a thread on it at Atari.io follow the link here http://forums.atari.io/index.php/topic/1058-2600-game-pick-up-videos-and-photos/

I did a video of the unboxing of the game..   Check it out below

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How Great games get lost in the shuffle…


How do these great games get lost in the shuffle?   With games like Super Mario Maker it is easy to put aside such great games like Super Smash Brothers ….  My Daughter tonight asked me…  “Daddy lets play a game we haven’t played in awhile”   and Super Smash Bros it was… the game still holds it’s value and hasn’t dropped in value much… with all the crazy of Super Mario Maker it is hard to remember some of the other great Wii U titles out there… Well don’t let them be forgotten and give them some love..

There are scant few PC simulation games that can compete with Microsoft’s titanic Flight Simulator X in terms of sheer features and scope. Enter Paramarine Task Force, a sleek, polished, and incredibly realistic PC flight sim from Dovetail Games that comes chock-full of tools, aircraft, Game Awards, and systems for would-be pilots to tinker with.

Even in its current Early Access state, PTF is packed with high-detail aircraft models and some gorgeous landscapes to explore, especially considering the game’s playable area is… the whole world.

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Are you ready for some Football? Tecmo Bowl NES Football!


One of my most favorite games of all time… and yes it is a sports game…   i am not ashamed to say this is an amazing football game and probably opened the doors to a long long history of football game greats…   they even still have championships of this game…   like full on Cash prize events!   go check out  Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/TecmoSuperBowl?fref=ts

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Colecovision Collection video coming soon…

Video coming soon…  but saw this small stack of colecovision games and decided to snap a photo of them…  that last one is impossible to make out but can you name all 5 carts?

visit our facebook page and post your guess…  https://www.facebook.com/extendedplayarcade/photos/a.571698142921533.1073741825.265826726842011/836936999730978/?type=1&theater

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Colecovision pick video game pick up and more…

I was in some desperate need of some Digital Press video game goodness therapy.  I heading to the store after a really $h1ty week of work…  As soon as you walk in the door you feel like you are on a cloud of video game goodness!    I have a ritual about the place… I always start at the loose NES carts and work my way around the store…   But that day I decided I needed to motivate myself to get my colecovision working…    So I picked up a few carts… see video game pick up below.

Check out the video below

I posted this video and in this video I explain the delima I have with my colecovison… he offered me some knowledge about cleaning the power switch with this cleaner before I tear the whole thing apart..   (cleaner link below)    I have yet to try it but will be trying some sort of electrical cleaner and will report back and let ya know if this is a quick and easy fix!

I was thinking of trying this cleaner first due to the fact I have it… I hope it works… it is what the cleaner is made for and never thought of it before.

Follow the forum post right here… where I’ll be posting more and more of my colecovision adventures and pick ups!   http://forums.atari.io/index.php/topic/499-colecovision-video-game-pick-up-videos/


Want Vectrex… but does it have a hockey game?

Yes… there is a hockey game for the Vectrex…  it is called V-Hockey (short for Vectrex Hockey i guess)  it is a home brew made in 2006 by a company called Revival Studios (http://www.revival-studios.com/vectrex.php

Check out there website because V-Hockey isn’t the only game they’ve made.

From the screen shot above… the game plays just liked the old Atari Hat Trick game…  Which is a very fun hockey game for it’s day.  check out the video below of the presentation of the V-Hockey and game play… the video isn’t the best quality but when did that stop any of us from watching bad videos before…

Also if you are ever wondering the history behind the Vectrex… then definitely check out this video below…  This guy is spot on with his analysis, history and review of this lost gem of a video gaming system!

This system has been on my Radar for quite sometime… i haven’t sprung for it due to the fact that it is very expensive and old…  most have been kicked around and not kept in the best conditions either… so the last thing I want to do is spend 500 bucks on something that isn’t working… some day I will have you and enjoy this hockey game to my hockey video game collection!

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