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The Donkey Kong 1-1 Challenge:

This is an on going battle for the Highest Possible Score on the first level of Donkey Kong on Mame.  Rules are simple.  Get the most points possible using any means possible with your first jumpman aka Mario.  To enter your score just go to either www.facebook.com/extendedplayarcade or go to our Facebook group “The Mame Event”  Take a photo still of your score example click here. Same rules as Twin Galaxies The top scores will be Tallied below!  So keep checking back.

  1. 1st: Brett Kopensky aka Brett K. from EPA Score of = 9,300 photo here
  2. 2nd: Brent Dolan from EPA  Score of = 8,400 photo here
  3. 3rd: Todd Anthony Lalonde from TME Score of = 7,000 photo here

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The Frogger Challenge:

Ok here is a new section!  We started a small little competition that seemed to be fun, by anyone that played.  Our first competition was Frogger on Mame.  Who could get the best score in the matter of 4 days.  Our Winner was Todd Anthony Lalonde with the score of 16,620,  2nd place went to Robert Brooks 16,140, Brent Dolan ended up in 3rd with 13,430.   The contest was started on our www.facebook.com/extendedplayarcade page.  Criteria was simple. Play Frogger.  Get the highest Score possible.  Post photo of your High Score and tag extendedplayarcade’s facebook to it.  Keeping score got a bit confusing so we now started a group on facebook called “The MAME Event” .  We will see how this works for our next competition which will be anounced soon.

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