Team Mayh3m the interview…

Sometimes you come across a couple and just say “wow, what a great chemistry they have”  and I don’t mean just in video gaming but life in general!  Matt and Michelle definitely have the “it” factor…  They are “partners in gaming and in life.”  sounds like a dream come true…

Well with all that said… I caught up with the gaming couple that just doesn’t play video games… they go for world records together… and a bunch of them at that!

Question #1.  Tell us a little bit about yourselves…

Michelle:  Growing up in the “arcade craze” of the 80’s, I have fond memories of playing, but lacked the funds to spend hours in the arcade. My father bought me a Vic 20, and a few months later an Atari 2600…the rest as they say, “is history”.

Matt:  A young lad during the initial arcade boom, my primary introduction to gaming came via home consoles.  The first two consoles that I owned (the Intellivision and the NES) cemented my love for gaming, and are still the two nearest and dearest to my heart today.


and your team…


Team Mayh3m:  We are partners in gaming and in life.  We met in 2011 and connected immediately; with one of our many common passions being gaming.  


Matt:  In November of that year, I introduced Michelle to the competitive high score gaming world when we attended the Twin Galaxies Film Festival in Ottumwa, Iowa.  It didn’t take her long to acclimate to the scene, as she left Iowa with her first two world records notched.  After that event, she was fully on-board for the full gamut of competitive gaming, including the co-op realm.

Michelle:  Up to that point, I had never been aware of the competitive gaming world and world records.  Within a week after the Iowa event, Matt and I dove head first into our initial world record attempts.  I would never have taken the leap without Matt’s encouragement.  He is my biggest fan.

 Question #2     You both seem like the nicest people in the world.    

Michelle:  LOL. I think it’s funny that everyone thinks I am so nice. Matt is the good guy…I have a dark side. I am the girl your friends are afraid of.

Matt:  First and foremost, thank you very much for the kind words.  Second, pay no mind to Michelle’s response.  She may claim to have a gruff exterior, but I know that it is just the candy shell hiding the sweetness beneath.

 Why Team Mayh3m?

Matt:  The origin of our team name stems from our mutual affinity for music, specifically heavy metal.  The first concert that we ever attended together was the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival at the PNC Bank Arts Center (Holmdel, NJ) back in July 2011.  Being one of our fondest early memories as a couple, we adopted “Mayhem” as part of our team name.  We added the “Team” and switched the “e” in “Mayhem” to a “3” with the intent of making our name more distinct, and to prevent confusion with any other entities using the “Mayhem” moniker.

 Michelle:  To me, the essence of ‘Team Mayh3m’ is that we are fighters.  We are strong, heart, mind and soul, and we will fight to the death to stand up for what we believe in.

Question #3   What are the game/s you hold world records in?

Team Mayh3m:  We currently hold co-op team world records for Mario Bros (NES and Wii Virtual Console), NBA Jam (Wii), Wii Play – Tanks! (Wii), Wii Play: Motion (Wii), Tetris Party (WiiWare), and Tetris Party Deluxe (Wii).


Question #4   Which game out of them do you feel is most special to you as a couple?

Michelle:  There are two for me. The first being Wii Play Motion: Trigger Twist/Ninja Stage. It was the first step in our evolution as a team, as we had to plan and strategize so that we were not wasting time and energy tripping over each other as we played. I believe it was the catalyst of what has become our standard of playing strategies.  

Mario Bros. was huge for us. It truly brought us to another level playing together. Having to compensate for our different styles of play and still maintain our goal, was (and sometimes still is) a daunting task physically and mentally. Being a classic title, it was important to us to be able to pull it together, and will most likely be the backbone of our repertoire.

Matt:  Mario Bros. (NES and Wii VC) is, without a doubt, our signature title for two reasons.  First, it is the game for which we’ve spent the most time improving and fine tuning our technique.  Second, it is flipping Mario Bros.!  How could we not be proud of our achievement on a console port of a true arcade classic?


Question #5    What is your favorite console to do co-op world record events on?

Michelle:  As a team, I don’t believe we have a favorite. We have favorite titles, and want to play them on every console we can.

Matt:  Well, if you went solely by our world records, we clearly have a lot of love for the Nintendo Wii, but honestly, I wouldn’t say that we have a specific favorite console.  We simply started playing co-operatively on the Wii.  Between us, we have quite a few console options, and we plan on spreading the Mayh3m love across many generations going forward.  We are gamers, plain and simple.  We love games ranging from the classic arcade era right on up to the current gen consoles, and we refuse to be tied down to any specific console or platform.

Question #6 What games do you both have your eyes on next? What world record are you going to take down?

Team Mayh3m:  Sorry, my friend, we don’t do spoilers.  We like to keep everyone on their toes, because you never know where or when Mayh3m will strike!

Question #7 Do you have shout outs, thank yous, anything you like to add?

Team Mayh3m
:  First and foremost, we would like to thank you, Brent, for your friendship and support.  Secondly, we would like to thank our families for their continual encouragement.  Lastly, we would like to thank those who have invested their time to help us achieve our dreams.  These include (but aren’t limited to) Walter Day, David Nelson, Tim Stodden, Twin Galaxies, Anson Rotola, Grace Snoke, and Video Game Scoreboard.


Additionally, we would like to give a few shout outs to our friends within the community who have also shown their support for the Mayh3m movement (in no particular order).


  • Dave Vogt, Terri Zambo, and Eric Cummings of Gaming World Wide

  • John Pompa

  • Mason Cramer

  • Charles Ziese

  • Josh Jones

  • Rob McCallum and Jay Bartlett of The NES Club documentary

  • Matt Bradford

  • Michael Sroka and the “Settle It On the Screen” show

  • Tim and Tina McVey

  • Rob Luther and the entire Retro Junkies Network

  • Cat DeSpira

  • Brett Weiss (and his insightful Classic Home Video Games book series)

  • Stephen Boyer

  • Nathan Phillips

  • Christopher Tirpak


Michelle:One final, special Thank you to my father Gary Jones, whom I lost just a few months ago.

Without his constant love, support and encouragement, my love and drive for gaming would not exist.


Thanks for the great interview and thanks for taking the time to answer all my questions.
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