John Gamester81 interview on Gamester81 the video game for Colecovision

I was able to catch up with John Gamester81 and ask him a few questions about his new “sold out” game Gamester81 “The Video Game”…   for those who don’t know John Gamester81… He has a huge You Tube following over close to 80,000 subscribers and growing along with an amazing website at  His collection of video games and obscure video game consoles is awesome… He also has amazing knowledge about the past, present and future of video gaming….

note: The questions I ask are italicized!

Tell us a little bit about your Gamester81 “the video game” home brew video game.

Gamester81: Gamester81: The Video Game started as an idea from my friend Cody (Owner of and I when we discussed about creating a new homebrew game for the ColecoVision system. We wanted a game that was fun to play, and we decided to name it after my show since the brand awareness was there already with my audience.

Why the Colecovision?

Gamester81:  The ColecoVision was my first system I ever played, and it’s very sentimental to me. It’s also a great overall system that is highly underrated and features a lot of great games for it. In addition there is actually a very strong homebrew community already established for the ColecoVision.

 The artwork, game cart, booklet are just amazing looking… amazing detail on the overall package… what was the inspiration behind it?

Gamester81:  We worked with ColecoMaster, and the artwork, game cart and booklet were designed by a guy named Vincent Godefrey He’s a genius and did a great job with designing the look of the game. I basically explained to him the story of the game and the three arcade games featured, and he took it from there.

The game play has some familiar characters but the game play is quite original… tell us how you came about and how many games Gamester81 the video game comes with on the cart.

Gamester81:  We originally wanted four mini games in Gamester81: The Video Game, but due to limitations to size of the rom on the cart, we had to narrow it down to three. We decided to stick with the Donkey Kong, Space Invaders and Pac Man themes since that’s what most people can relate to.

 I can’t even imagine how difficult it must of been to create the game, artwork, design, etc… knowing what you know now would you do it all over again? and if you would… what would you do different?

Gamester81:  This project did take a lot of time and work to get off the ground running. There were a lot of little things that I didn’t calculate when we initially budgeted for the game including all of the fees associated and the shipping (killer), so the amount of money we made compared to the amount of time we put into it was very minimal. Nonetheless the project was successful and a ton of fun to work on. I’d love to work on a sequel some day.

If you have any final thoughts, shout outs, thank yous or any future projects?

Gamester81:  I’d really like to thank Toby with ColecoMaster, Vince with ColecoBoxArt, JP who did a fantastic job programing the game, Vlad Iacob who designed my logo and of course Joe my business partner in this project. Without them this game would have never came to be. I’d also like to thank all of my fans who supported this project and who helped spread the word on it too. Thanks to you as well Brent for this interview.


I complete supported this project the second I heard about it… I been a big fan of John Gamester81 since I first heard him on All Gen Gamers podcast…  make sure you check out John Gamester81 at his website

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P.S. Check out the unboxing of the copy I bought below.

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