COD Ghosts… what is old is new again!

Ok, before you judge… the game came out in Nov 2013…  So that counts as a forgotten game right?  lol  just kidding… I do enjoy this series of games but lost interest when you kept just getting the same thing over and over… Plus 60 bucks might not seem like a lot but with my limited amount of time to play videos games due to my little family of mine… I just made the choice to give up on the series…. but got a coupon and it was on sale GameFly so for 10 bucks including shipping I had to give it a try… Plus my coupon was about to expire… played it last night for an hour and ranked up to 6 already… ‘kid still got it” and yes I enjoyed it very much so… even though my weapons are horrible to start with…

I know TitanFall is the big behemoth that everyone is playing now… and the price goes up and down on a daily basis  and right now is 36 bucks with free shipping with prime…

And still lots of people playing… anyone here still playing?   LOL

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Happy 25th Birthday Game Boy by Nintendo

Feeling old?  Well 25 years isn’t that old but still… Who remembers getting their first Game Boy?    It was May 1989 for my Birthday… and I still have that one in complete working condition and complete in box… I didn’t collect to many games for it but I enjoyed every game I ever had for it.   There are a few I’d still like to get for it… but those will all come in due time…   With all that said… Happy Birthday Game Boy by Nintendo!

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Titan Fall on PC first time ever playing….

Well at the time I played this game… we where all “Noobs” playing TitanFall… I got a chance to play the PC beta version before it hit the shelves or DLC…  At first I didn’t like the game… I don’t know if it was because I am not use to playing games with a mouse and keyboard or the tutorial was extremely in depth and went on forever and ever!   What ever the case was… I gave it a second chance…

The Beta version didn’t let you play any of the campaign so I was forced to hop right online in the thick of it… There where a ton of players already leveled up to the max the demo would allow… Even though the game/beta was only out for like 24 hours…  it is amazing how this game took everyone by storm… lots predicted it… one being Patrick Scott Patterson who posted on his you tube channel a video with permission from Microsoft

With all that said… Here is some game play footage of my first online match…   You can see I am very clumsy with the mouse and keyboard but I did kill some noobs before the experts took me down…  see the video below

With all this being said… I now have a donated xbox 360 wired controller and wouldn’t mind finding out if it will work in the first place and second how I would do with a controller on a PC versus a bunch of already leveled up experts… well for 60 bucks… I’ll have to find out when there is a price drop and at that point… (which won’t happen soon)  I’ll be so far behind the learning curve… I’ll have my more than my Titan falling out on me…

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John Gamester81 interview on “Gamester81 the video game” for Colecovision

I was able to catch up with John Gamester81 and ask him a few questions about his new “sold out” game Gamester81 “The Video Game”…   for those who don’t know John Gamester81… He has a huge You Tube following over close to 80,000 subscribers and growing along with an amazing website at  His collection of video games and obscure video game consoles is awesome… He also has amazing knowledge about the past, present and future of video gaming….  Click here for the Full Interview or visit the link under the drop down menu “interviews”

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YO JOE! amazon video game pick up unboxing

Had some amazon points or amazon reward points and wanted to spend them on me for once…   I picked up a DVD and a Video game…   I only unbox the video game because i mentioned the DVD already on facebook… so if you want to be in the loop join our facebook page..   Watch the video below


Mason Cramer’s Highest Score In “Super Mario Bros. 3″ (NES)

Mason Cramer dropped an incredible score of 5,943,660 points follow link to Record Setters or see video below for game play.


- original console and cartridge must be used
- all point pressing techniques are valid provided they do not nullify the level timer
- only a single life must be used  AKA “Deathless”
- bonus games are optional
- all items picked up may be used
- must provide video evidence

I got a chance to catch up with Mason and ask him a few questions about Super Mario 3.  Click here to read the interview  or visit the “interview” button at the top of the page…

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C64 8bit is the new…

How cool is this?  It is a mini c64 SD card reader…  See the video below on a “how to…”
Very cool stuff.. it is only sold in the UK… I am going to do some investigating to find out if they will ship to the USA…  I’d love one to go with my C64…  I have my original one and lost more than half of my floppy drives due to travel damage…  Check out their website

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Pac-man Pizza Video game Meme…

Trying to get The Real Retro Junkies to 4000 likes… today will be the day… I’m calling it…  visit:   I am an admin over there so I believe today is the day… will this be the video game meme that pushes it over the top?  We’ll see…  I mean a Pac – Man Pizza Meme?  I mean com’on man!  Also… this very view was the true inspiration for Puckman or aka Pac-man!  Don’t believe me?   Read here


P.S. I took this photo when I got back my from my daughter’s 5th birthday party and opened the box and saw this… it was brilliant!

Christmas video game pick up 2013…

Merry Christmas!  Or at least a Happy New year to ya all… I finally got around to making this video of my overly generous video game Christmas Pick ups!   Finally caved in on the Nintendo Wii U thanks to a great offer Toys R Us was running last minute with a 25 dollar gift card when you buy the deluxe version of the Wii U… I also had a 25 dollar coupon for Toys R Us as well… So 50 bucks to help push me over the limit and get the system for me and my little girls…  (totally worth it too we are loving it but more on that soon)

I also splurged this year and got the Family 2 count them 2 ipad airs… This was on recommendation from my friend Metal Jesus Rocks you can follow him on his channel  … He also told me that I could get 12 months financing and gave me a cool list of must have apps and games for it.. here

I also got a great surprise from my friend Dave… He gave me three systems out of the blue that he got from a friend… He said his kids don’t care about this old stuff and there where no games included so he knew I was a collector and tossed them my way… very cool… check the video below to see which 3 systems I got…  Remember collector tip 101… let everyone know you are a collector or gamer or anything… these it is a great time of year people are cleaning out old system… snatch them up any time you can!

Also picked up a few games for the Wii U… one being on recommendation from The NES Club’s Rob McCallum… The game was “Duck Tails” A Wii U…   Check out Rob’s film The NES Club Documentary on facebook and give them a like

And last but not least… Eric aka “fin the gamer” got me a surprised Christmas present… I was prepared for this at all and was totally out of the blue… It has been a game I been wanted to get but just couldn’t justify the cost of 50 plus bucks for it… He was in the Christmas Spirit and sent it my way… very very cool of him… visit his Channel at

So with all that being said check out the video below with all my explination and what not… also don’t forget to like us on and tell me what you got for the Holiday Season!  also follow Retro Junkies too! a page I am an Admin at!  lots of fun!

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