Sega Genesis Control Pad Complete in box!

Sega Genesis Control Pad mint in boxSega Genesis Control Pad complete in box!  To me this always look like something “Batman” would us.    What a great controller.  It broke free from the boxy controllers in the consoles a generation before the Genesis.  The curved bottom even gave it a nice grip =)

Even Sega Retro agrees with me as I quote them:

“Mega Drive controllers are notable for being one of the first control pads to be ergonomically designed for the user’s hands. Though improvements were made in the coming years, previous systems had cornered edges with their controllers, meaning they were often uncomfortable to hold after several hours of play. The Mega Drive controller is rounded, and has its buttons placed in easier to reach positions.”


I totally agree.  I notice even the consoles of today such as Xbox 360, PS3 and even the Pro Wii U controller have that kind of style today.  You can actually still buy this controller today.  Click here to see prices but I am sure they are all used and not as in mint condition as the one I am lucky to own  =)

Stay Stoked!
Brent Dolan 

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