Ed Heemskerk gets a World Record after all! Qbert Record Setter

Ed Heemskerk qbert world record attempt goes 56 hours for a world record

Click Here for Full Article from Record Setters

Check out the link above from Record Setters for full article.  Also make sure you Click the Arrow button UP!  To help him get more exposure!

I watched the live feed around the 1st hour and it was awesome.  Ed was on and talking to everyone that came into the chat room.  It felt like I was right there in his living room.  Who would of known that a Thunderstorm would be the “kill screen” 56.50 hours later.    Still with Mother Nature against him.  Record Setters claimed Ed’s action as the “Longest Attempt At A World Record Cut Short By An Act Of Nature” 

Pretty awesome stuff in my book.  Great stuff and Congratulations to Ed Heemskerk on the Qbert  World Record.

Stay Stoked!
Brent Dolan

Retro Pinball’s “King Of Diamonds” video game play by Nick at Arcade Hunters

What a concept huh?  A brand new 1967 pinball machine?  Say wtf?  Yes a company has been developed back in 2007 and they make brand new old pinball machines. I know it sounds like an oxymoron but it is true. The company is called Retro Pinball.  Their first attempt is at the 1967 classic King of Diamonds.  It is a reproduction of the classic Gotliebs pinball machine.

Nick @ www.arcadehunters.com takes us through a walk through and game play of this awesome replication of a 1967 classic.  Watch the video above.  Great job Nick with the a guest appearance from Tim aka Jumblejunkie from the OKS (operation kill screen) podcast.

Brent Dolan