Wreck it Ralph! Official video game play online!


The link above is a direct link to the online video game from the movie “Wreck it Ralph!”.  The actual game is called “Fix it Felix Jr”  Fix it Felix Jr with Wreck it Ralph

The object of the game is to use the arrow keys to move Felix aka “the good guy” with the direction keys on your Rated Gamer Gear keyboard and to fix the windows and what not Wreck It Ralph destroyed.  To fix the windows press the space bar.   Hitting the space bar helps move Felix’s hammer.   The first two levels are pretty easy then it gets really hard seeing Birds get introduced into the game.  You have to avoid the birds.  For a bonus power up you have to get the pies and people (i think they are people) that appear in an open window.

Concept of the game is easy to pick up but hard to master.  Kind of like the Arcade games back in 1981 =)

Brent Dolan

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