How Great games get lost in the shuffle…


How do these great games get lost in the shuffle?   With games like Super Mario Maker it is easy to put aside such great games like Super Smash Brothers ….  My Daughter tonight asked me…  “Daddy lets play a game we haven’t played in awhile”   and Super Smash Bros it was… the game still holds it’s value and hasn’t dropped in value much… with all the crazy of Super Mario Maker it is hard to remember some of the other great Wii U titles out there… Well don’t let them be forgotten and give them some love..

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Are you ready for some Football? Tecmo Bowl NES Football!


One of my most favorite games of all time… and yes it is a sports game…   i am not ashamed to say this is an amazing football game and probably opened the doors to a long long history of football game greats…   they even still have championships of this game…   like full on Cash prize events!   go check out  Facebook page

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Colecovision Collection video coming soon…

Video coming soon…  but saw this small stack of colecovision games and decided to snap a photo of them…  that last one is impossible to make out but can you name all 5 carts?

visit our facebook page and post your guess…

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Colecovision pick video game pick up and more…

I was in some desperate need of some Digital Press video game goodness therapy.  I heading to the store after a really $h1ty week of work…  As soon as you walk in the door you feel like you are on a cloud of video game goodness!    I have a ritual about the place… I always start at the loose NES carts and work my way around the store…   But that day I decided I needed to motivate myself to get my colecovision working…    So I picked up a few carts… see video game pick up below.

Check out the video below

I posted this video and in this video I explain the delima I have with my colecovison… he offered me some knowledge about cleaning the power switch with this cleaner before I tear the whole thing apart..   (cleaner link below)    I have yet to try it but will be trying some sort of electrical cleaner and will report back and let ya know if this is a quick and easy fix!

I was thinking of trying this cleaner first due to the fact I have it… I hope it works… it is what the cleaner is made for and never thought of it before.

Follow the forum post right here… where I’ll be posting more and more of my colecovision adventures and pick ups!


Want Vectrex… but does it have a hockey game?

Yes… there is a hockey game for the Vectrex…  it is called V-Hockey (short for Vectrex Hockey i guess)  it is a home brew made in 2006 by a company called Revival Studios (

Check out there website because V-Hockey isn’t the only game they’ve made.

From the screen shot above… the game plays just liked the old Atari Hat Trick game…  Which is a very fun hockey game for it’s day.  check out the video below of the presentation of the V-Hockey and game play… the video isn’t the best quality but when did that stop any of us from watching bad videos before…

Also if you are ever wondering the history behind the Vectrex… then definitely check out this video below…  This guy is spot on with his analysis, history and review of this lost gem of a video gaming system!

This system has been on my Radar for quite sometime… i haven’t sprung for it due to the fact that it is very expensive and old…  most have been kicked around and not kept in the best conditions either… so the last thing I want to do is spend 500 bucks on something that isn’t working… some day I will have you and enjoy this hockey game to my hockey video game collection!

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It is not in stores yet but I am sure will be on Amazon soon.   Check the link below in the furby section for if and when they’ll be out

Furby Section

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Deflate gate video game edition

Well ya all know that my package (yeah that sounds funny) was damaged by the USPS… they did a lazy job due to the snow and not wanting to drop it off 30 feet to my front steps… instead they smashed it and shoved it into my mail box…    Well anyways… after putting in my claim (which i’ll never see a dime from it) I decided the hell with it… I am going to open my package for the world to see.. (yet again sounds funny)  watch the video below to see if my package is safe or damaged (again i can’t stop myself)

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Nintendo Club to close this September 2015

Say it isn’t so!  but if this is the motivation you need to cash in those coins you’ve collected though out the years!   Then you better motivate quick!

Don’t believe me?  Well check the front page of the website at

Here is all the details you’ll need below:

Important information about the discontinuation of Club Nintendo

Nintendo’s first loyalty programmes, VIP 24:7 and Club Member, started in May 2002, and were combined in December 2007 to become Club Nintendo. Over the years, players have enjoyed the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo DS, Wii, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U platforms, and countless software titles across them all. We’ve also heard the feedback and opinions of around six million Club Nintendo members across Europe and South Africa, which we have used to help shape our business.

We’re working hard to create a new programme, which we plan to launch later this year. And as a special offer, users who sign up to the new programme during the launch period will be able to downloadFlipnote Studio 3D to a Nintendo 3DS system for free. Please stay tuned to the Nintendo website for further details.

This new membership programme will replace Club Nintendo, so we will discontinue Club Nintendo according to the schedule given below. Thank you for all your support.

As Stars in your account will expire on September 30th 2015, please make sure you use them before this date. There are plenty of unique and exclusive items already available in the Stars Catalogue, and we’ll keep adding more over the coming months, so there’s plenty to spend your Stars on before September 30th 2015.

Please stay tuned for more information about the new membership programme, including its launch date.

Club Nintendo Discontinuation Schedule

  • April 1st 2015: From this date, Nintendo will no longer include product registration cards with its packaged games, so such products cannot be registered in Club Nintendo. You may still find product registration cards in games that were in stock before this date, however.
  • April 20th 2015: Termination of the registration of digital products downloaded from Nintendo eShop. Digital products obtained from Nintendo eShop after this date will no longer appear in the My Registered Games & Systems page in Club Nintendo. In addition, surveys for download software titles will no longer be available.
  • September 30th 2015: End of Club Nintendo programme. All Club Nintendo features, such as signing up as a new member, logging in as a registered member, earning Stars, and exchanging Stars for items from the Stars Catalogue will no longer be possible from this date.

So even though this is horrible news… it is good that they give us till September to order our items… just remember when one door closes… another opens… oh #*%@ it!  I’m pissed!  This is yet another bad sign that Nintendo is feeling the pressure!  I hope they can keep it together!  Nintendo falls and us as gamers loose!

Try to stay positive but more on this soon!
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