Happy Birthday Nintendo 64


Happy 20th Birthday to Nintendo 64 for their North America release on Sept. 26….  for more info on it’s history check out here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nintendo_64

If I had to pick on title which was the best and a game changers for the n64… it would be… be…?????

Goldeneye N64

Watch emulated video below from someone else other than this site.

Great stuff!  What is your favorite n64 game?

one more year and it will be of drinking age!

She’s alive! Alive! C64 adventures continues!


Watch the long video of me fumbling around and trying to figure out how to hook this thing up!  I haven’t had this thing running for over 25 year and see what happens in the video below.

buy this part http://www.ebay.com/itm/A-V-composite…
First Time Hooking up my C64 Commodore 64 in over 25 years will it start?  Need Help follow the thread below.

Follow the Thread here http://forums.atari.io/index.php/topi…


Christmas comes late for my PC with a EVGA GeForce GTX 960

evga geforce gtx 960I picked up the EVGA GeForce GTX 960 because of all the great reviews and it looked like the best bang for my buck.  I bought it off of Amazon Click here to buy to help me with my real time editing with CS 5.5 Premiere pro.   I know the software is a bit dated but if it isn’t broken don’t fix it right?

evga geforce gtx 960 sexy pose

I have to say this video card is a lot longer then the card I had in before…  It also I found with the black plastic case harder to install in my Cooler master Haf 932 case.   Not Big deal though… I just added a screw to the install and it all worked well.

evga geforce gtx 960 vs zotac gtx 560ti

The Zotac GTX 560ti worked great for 3 solid years… never an issue one bit… It also played PC games well too.   I might find it a new home in a new editing system.  We will see if the budget can handle it.

EVGA geforce GTX 960 installed in my HAF cooler master

I had to take off my cable management due to the card being longer then my last card.   You can see here.  I did trim the plastic on the cable management and now it fits just fine.   You don’t see much when you close the case see photo below.
EVGA geforce GTX 960 installed in my HAF cooler master closed caseand yes that is an NHL goal light on the top of my rig.   When I score a good edit.. it goes off!  =)

Extended Play Arcade


Got myself some more info on my c64

back of my c64

Rickr over at this forum has been helping me out.  I needed this photo to have him help me hook this up. http://forums.atari.io/index.php/topic/1426-what-is-the-flash-drive-thing-for-the-c64/

Rickr suggested I get one of these C64-SD-card-SD2IEC-SDrive-1564-LCD-SD-card

I just have to see if this old c64 from 1988 still powers up!

More on this adventure soon..


C64 ftw in 2016!

c64 ready for 2016

I promised myself in 2015 that I would see if my original one owner c64 still worked… I have yet to power it up (I’ll be doing a video on it btw) but I just hope it still works after all these years.  I bought this back in 1988.  This isn’t the original monitor.  I had a monitor but got lost in a storage war!   This JVC unit actually has better resolution than the old one so it might be more gooder!    Now I just have to find out what the c64 flash drive thing is.  I got some advice from a twitter post I posted months ago.  I might have to go back and see what those links where!   Unless someone can help a brother out!

extended play arcade

Spy vs. spy by mad magazine for the nes

  Who remembers the comic spy vs. spy in the classic mad magazine?  I loved that magazine as a kid!  Twisted sick humor at its best!  Well they made a game for it on the Nes!  More known on the  Commodore 64 computer than the Nintendo entertainment system but still a great game.  To find this in great condition in the box is petty rare these day.  See photos below  

 and the cart is in A+ shape! 

 this one gives me the urge to unbox my Nes and give this one a few hours of game play! 



did I just pass up on a great deal???


I went to Digital press Videogames this last week.  I go there every 8 weeks (like clockwork) and they had a Turbo Grafx 16… they never have one of these… it was $299.95… I knew it was a good deal but with Christmas and all I couldn’t spring for it.  I passed on it… I picked up these two NES games instead… see video below or past post…

So did I mess up?  If I can calculate my Christmas expense and this item is still there… i might have to spring for it.


Atari Ice Hockey video game meme


My 8 week pick up from @ Digital Press Videogames…  I just love that store.  The staff is awesome and super knowledgeable.   Digital Press video games is located in Clifton, NJ.    I stop there ever 8 weeks… and it really is a treat.     I picked up this CIB (complete in box)  Activision Ice Hockey for the Atari 2600.   I just loved this game as a kid…  I didn’t own an Atari (now I own two different models) but my good friend did.  We played this one a lot.   The colors and graphics blew our minds!   You can even trip the person. Endless amounts of fun.  I started a thread on it at Atari.io follow the link here http://forums.atari.io/index.php/topic/1058-2600-game-pick-up-videos-and-photos/

I did a video of the unboxing of the game..   Check it out below

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How Great games get lost in the shuffle…


How do these great games get lost in the shuffle?   With games like Super Mario Maker it is easy to put aside such great games like Super Smash Brothers ….  My Daughter tonight asked me…  “Daddy lets play a game we haven’t played in awhile”   and Super Smash Bros it was… the game still holds it’s value and hasn’t dropped in value much… with all the crazy of Super Mario Maker it is hard to remember some of the other great Wii U titles out there… Well don’t let them be forgotten and give them some love..

Extended Play Arcade